Chris Kendall

    UK Based Puppeteer and Puppet Builder

Chris Kendall
Age 38
Based Aylesbury UK
Puppet Builder / Puppeteer

Chris is a new up and coming UK based puppet builder and puppeteer specialising in the construction and use of "Hand/Rod" and "Live Hand" puppets.
In his short time in business he has attracted ITV, BBC, Sky1 and  has built puppets for the likes of Warrick Brownlow-Pike (The Muppets / CBBC), Chris Thatcher (The Muppets / Avenue Q), Iestyn Evans (Star Wars / Mongrels) as well as a cast of characters for a UK production of Avenue Q. 

He was recently commissioned to build 6 puppets for the 2017 series of ITV's Britains Got Talent to represent the 4 judges (David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Alseha Dixon and Amanda Holden) as well as cheeky presenter duo Ant and Dec.
Another recent projects include building mascot character puppets for UK theme park "Pleasurewood Hills".  Building the puppets for web series "Shloppy TV"
His puppets have received worldwide recognition with puppets being shipped across Europe, Asia, USA and Dubai.
Performances include "Paul" a puppet presenter at a UK sporting event which involved interviewing participants both in a multi camera shot studio environment and "in the field" with a single shot roaming camera.  He also performed the Britains Got Talent puppets on the red carpet again with a single shot roaming camera.
He is currently working with puppet production company Planet Pumpkin to help create puppets for future projects.
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