Chris Kendall

UK Based Puppeteer & Puppet Builder

Chris Kendall
Based in Aylesbury UK
Puppet Builder / Puppeteer

2023 - Details of projects yet to be released coming soon.

  • Sooty 2023 christmas music video - Puppeteer
  • Wastebusters - Online "recycle to read" campaign - Assistant puppeteer
  • Andy And The Band Series 3 (CBBC) - Assistant puppeteer - episode 3
  • Buffering Series 2 (ITV2) - Puppeteer - Winnie The Warewolf, episode 6.
  • Lagging Series 2 (CBBC) - Puppeteer - Mini Cedric, episode 9.
  • Sing a Saurus (online childrens entertainment channel) - Animatronic character head and suit fabricator.


  • Sooty - Puppeteer of Sooty - One episode "Sooty Crealy Magic"
  • Shakespeare Week - Puppet builder "Bill Shakespeare" for Shakespeare's Birthplace trust week of online activities.
  • Wastebusters (CIC) UK Recycle week - Assistant puppeteer to Warrick Brownlow-Pike for "Busta" - Online recycling campaign in partnership with Currys.
  • Sooty Live - Puppet costume maker for live tour shows across the UK in Summer 2022 (daily shows at Crealy theme park and summer tour)
  • Sooty Series 4 - Puppeteer - Details coming soon.


  • Puppet Aid - BBC1 Children In Need - Puppeteer and Puppet Wrangler. Performer Mr Punch, Doubled for Gordon the Gopher and assistant puppeteer performing various character hands.  
  • ​Alissic (Musician) - Puppet builder.  4 wearable frog heads for music video "Piano".  
  • Sooty - Puppeteer of Sooty.  Wastebuster (CIC) UK online content.
  • Midwich Cuckoos (Music Band) - Puppeteer for music video "Crosses"
  • Wastebusters (CIC) UK - Puppet builder - Rebuild of signature character "Busta".
  • More projects to be added once details have been released.


  • Midwich Cuckoos (Music Band) – Puppet builder.  6 x band member puppets for music video.
  • Rosco 5 – Assistant Puppeteer.  Adult Swim off the air project short film ‘Ungabarn’.
  • Kevin Cripwell (Ventriloquist) – Puppet Builder.  Rebuild of signature character ‘Dinky the dinosaur’
  • Karen Ingram Foundation (Charity) – Puppet Builder.  Construction of a puppet version of their mascot ‘Muddles’ the bear.
  • Bidaya Media - Puppet builder - details coming soon


  • Max Fulham (Ventriloquist) – Puppet builder - Max’s signature character “Gordon The Monkey” for 2019 panto season.
  • Andy and the Odd Socks (Music Band) / Ninja Pig Productions – Puppeteer (various characters) for music video “Change”.
  • Thames Con (Comic Convention) – Puppet Builder. Building practise puppets for, and assisting with beginner’s puppetry workshop by Louise Gold.


  • Jim Henson Company / Netflix – Assistant puppeteer – The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance.
  • Purplebricks / Snap London – Puppet builder and designer “Mr Wiggles” character for TV Commercial


  • ITV / Freemantle Media – Puppeteer & Puppet Builder - Lookalike puppets representing judges and presenters of Britain’s Got Talent. VT Segments.
  • CBBC – Puppet Builder - Various characters for pilot showcase "Dysfunctional".
  • Purplebricks – Puppet Builder & Designer - “Mr Wiggles” puppet character to be used in upcoming advertising campaign.
  • Eman Chanel – Puppet Builder & Designer.  Puppet fox presenter character for use on their channel.
  • Wonder Productions – Puppet Builder & Designer - Cat puppet for their 2017 touring Christmas pantomime Dick Whittington.

Earlier Projects include –

  • Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park - Building a puppet version of their mascot Woody Bear.
  • Shloppy TV / Magic 2 Media - Building the 2 regular character puppets used for their webseries.
  • Shebang Marketing & Design - Building lookalike puppets of staff members for marketing campaign.
  • Bodmin College - Building a cast of characters for a schools licence production of Avenue Q.


I am a puppeteer and puppet builder based in Buckinghamshire, UK.  A passionate fan and supporter of puppetry who grew up on fantasy worlds and characters created by the late great Jim Henson.

Puppets and puppetry have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember however it has only been in the last 10 years that I have made a conscious push to turn a passion into a profession.

During this time I have been very fortunate and grateful to have been involved in some wonderful projects.

Recent screen puppetry experience has included the honor of performing sooty for a special episode called “Crealy Magic”.  I also recently assisted on the “Puppet Aid” music video for 2021’s Children In Need where I assisted in doubling for Gordon the Gopher in group shots, assisting with hands for various characters and wrangled for the shoot.  I was also very proud to have been a part of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance where I was credited as an additional puppeteer for all 10 episodes in the series. 

Puppets I have built have been seen on Cbeebies, Britain’s Got Talent several commercials and numerous music videos.  Ventriloquist acts including the brilliant Max Fulham and Kevin Cripwell also use puppets that I have built as their signature characters.

Although no formal qualifications in the art of puppetry, I have received coaching from Henson Co and Muppet puppeteers.  I have had the honour of learning from and being mentored by well-respected UK performers Warrick Brownlow-Pike and Phil Fletcher. I have also attended the Puppetry Academy taught by Mike Quinn and attended workshops held by Andrew James-Spooner and Ronnie Le-Drew.